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Darr Schackow Asset Protection

Insuring Your Retirement Means Ensuring Your Future.

Trust DSI for Reliable Protection for Your Retirement – Guaranteed.

As a result of longer life expectancy, rising doubts about the future of Social Security, and the existence of far fewer traditional employer pensions, many people find planning for retirement an increasingly scary subject to think about. At Darr Schackow Insurance, we’re here to help. With a Guaranteed Income Annuity, you can finally stop worrying about running out of money during retirement.

So, what exactly is a Guaranteed Income Annuity? In short, they secure your retirement by exchanging a portion of your savings for a monthly fixed income that is guaranteed to last throughout retirement. Income Annuities protect your assets and your future by offering tax-deferred savings, competitive interest rates and a guaranteed stream of income you won’t outlive.

Here’s an example to help illustrate the concept:

Fred is 60 years old and has $500,000 saved. He is concerned about running out of money and doesn’t want to risk everything in the stock market. He rolls the money into an annuity with a guaranteed lifetime income rider that will pay him $44,667 per year for the rest of his life starting at age 65. If he passes away before he receives the $500,000 in income, his beneficiary will receive the balance. It is a win/win for everyone involved!

Keep in mind, the amount you receive will depend on factors including your gender, age, premium amount and chosen payout option. Contact John Darr at (888) 337-9322 for more information or for help getting started with your own Guaranteed Income Retirement Annuity to begin better protecting your assets your family, and your future.

DSI also offers options for life and long-term care insurance, simply contact your DSI agent or fill out the form on this page to request more information.

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