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Darr Schackow Insurance Agency Blog: insurance advice

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Changes in your Household in 2019? January is a great time to review your auto policy to see if coverage changes are needed. Did you add your new teen driver to your policy? Are you in a new relationship and your significant other is driving your car? Add these drivers to your current policy to make sure everyone is protected. READ MORE >>

When the new year arrives, it’s a great time to take a home inventory. You may have gotten a special holiday gift (jewelry, collectibles, heirlooms or firearms) that needs to be insured, redecorated your home with a new piece of art, or made other changes to your home over the past year that would all require an update to your homeowners policy. READ MORE >>

Car insurance premiums are made up of many different parts. The cost of liability, comprehensive and collision coverages are calculated separately from one another. Here’s how comprehensive and collision insurance is priced. The insurance company actuaries are tasked with calculating the probability that you will get into a car accident. READ MORE >>

If you have a neighbor with a dead tree, what should you do to protect yourself and your family? Obviously, make your neighbor aware of the dead tree, and find out if he/she plans to have it cut down. If they do not cut it down, send them a certified letter informing them that the tree needs to be removed. READ MORE >>

It’s National Fire Prevention Week, so I just want to remind you about documenting damage as a best practice if you have a claim. Sometimes homeowners call after damage to their home has already been fixed, and then they want to file a claim. It might not be covered unless you have pictures. READ MORE >>

 Car insurance is probably one of those expenses in your household budget that takes up a lot of dollars!  We have written car insurance policies that cost more than the monthly payment of the car itself.  How can you make sure you get the best deal on car insurance? READ MORE >>

Tele-what??  Telemetrics is the term used for the technology that auto insurance companies use to measure your driving habits. Telemetrics used by some insurance companies can save you up to 30% on your Auto Insurance! It can also make your premiums go up if you're not driving safely, so you have to be a good driver. READ MORE >>

Most of us could use a guy to come pressure wash something around the house.  Driveways, sidewalks, side of the house, roof, etc. With all of the rain we have had, it seems like the mildew growing is worse than other years.  Here is a true story of what happened recently with a long time client. READ MORE >>

The simple answer: yes and no. A long-time client of mine came to me with this question recently.  “My boyfriend, who lives with me, is paying a lot more than I am for his car insurance. Can I just add him to my policy?” My answer was simple. “Yes, we need to add him as a driver in your household. READ MORE >>

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